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Two Artists Collaborate
An exhibition of paintings by Sam Roloff and Shawn Webber

Shawn Webber and Sam Roloff inside Webber's Studio in San Francisco artist
Shawn Webber and Sam Roloff inside Webber’s Studio in Occidental CA

Opens October 6, 2016

It’s not every day a painting tells the story of a 24-year friendship, thousands of miles of highway traveled, and an intimate aesthetic exchange—all while commenting on topical issues ripped from the day’s headlines. But that’s what the paintings do in “Two Artists Collaborate,” my new exhibition with Shawn Webber at White Space Gallery in Portland. I’d like to invite you attend the show and consider running a review and/or feature story about our unique collaboration.

While some people know me from my appearances on my brother’s hit reality show, “Little People, Big World,” on TLC, art lovers in Portland and beyond know me as a prolific painter with a penchant for social commentary. My friend and collaborator Shawn Webber is a respected Bay Area-based painter and member of the trail-blazing art collective, The Oyster Pirates. Together we traded 13 paintings back and forth over the course of a year in a collaborative project blending our individual styles together in unexpected ways. The finished works are sexy, subversive, and just a little bit sinister.

Please see below and attached the press release for the exhibition, which runs October 6, 2016 through December 1, 2016, at White Space Gallery, 1439 NW Marshall Street, Portland, OR. Shawn and I are both available for interviews, Q&A, human-interest features, podcasts, etc.

Thanks in advance for your interest,
Sam Roloff
503.975.5256, samroloff@gmail.com

samroloff-wheat-300

Below are the paintings in October 6th Exhibition

sam-roloff-shawn-webber-lilly-st-sin-gets-a-ride-to-qatar sam-roloff-shawn-webber-wizard-of-oz sam-roloff-shawn-webber-up-shiite-creek sam-roloff-shawn-webber-syria sam-roloff-shawn-webber-standing-rock sam-roloff-shawn-webber-just-b-kaws sam-roloff-shawn-webber-ganesh-cubed sam-roloff-shawn-webber-the-mullet-flies-again sam-roloff-shawn-webber-the-circus-is-in-town sam-roloff-shawn-webber-maree-in-the-sky-with-chemicals-for-print sam-roloff-shawn-webber-love-me-some-bb8-for-print sam-roloff-shawn-webber-blue-nightmare-for-print sam-roloff-shawn-webber-anon Read more >>


Below are paintings from last year.

Gretel of Hansel and Gretel a portrait by sam roloff oil painting 3261
Gretel | Oil on Canvas | 24 x 24 in | 2016
Olympiada Woman with hat yellow and black portrait of woman sam roloff portland oregon artist
Olympiada | Oil on Canvas | 24 x 24 in | 2016
Clementine Darling portrait oil on canvas painting 3347 Roloff Portalnd
Clementine Darling | 30 x 40 in | Oil on Canvas | 2016
5 a.m. 5am 3265 painting by sam roloff
5 a.m. | Oil on Canvas | 24 x 36 in | 2013
Dutchess The Clown oil painting 60x48 by Sam Roloff 2015 3313
Dutchess The Clown | Oil on Canvas | 60 x 48 in | Sam Roloff | 2015


Dreaming of Portland's Eastside Sam Roloff oil painting
Dreaming of Portland’s East side |  48 x 30 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014
Visions of BDSM oil painting by Sam Roloff
Visions of BDSM |  48 x 30 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014
Westside vs. Eastside Portland
Westside vs. Eastside Portland |  48 x 30 inch | Sam Roloff | 2014


Wanderlust Circus | 60 x 48 inches | Oil on Canvas | Sam Roloff | 2014 | id # 3268
Wanderlust Circus | 60 x 48 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014


The Fabulous Black Rock City - Oil on Panel - 18x24 inches - Sam Roloff | ID# 3298 Burning man art


Bear on a Trike, Painting
Bear on a Trike |  14 x 11 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014


Portland Ore. 2011-2012 Mixed Media 3135 Sam Roloff Oil painting
Portland Ore.  | 60 x 24 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014
ARTnews 2013 3259 Mixed media Collage Sam Roloff 40x30 inches
ARTnews | 40 x 30 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014
Picasso's Secrets | Mixed Media on Canvas | 2014 | Sam Roloff
Picasso’s Secrets | 30 x 40 inches | Sam Roloff | 2014
Carlotta Oil painting of woman sad eyes Sam Roloff 3245
Carlotta | Oil on Canvas | 30 x 40 in | Sam Roloff | 2015