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quick glance at Sam Roloff’s life suggests an adventure as varied and as colorful as the canvases he creates.
samroloff-paragon2-300Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Roloff graduated with honors from the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute in 1992.

Always possessing a penchant for travel, Roloff hitchhiked through Mexico and Guatemala, finding inspiration for artistic endeavors in the rich cultures and bold characters he encountered.

Following his journeys in Central America, Sam lived in Prague, Czech Republic from 1994-95, where he ran a gallery and developed mastery of figurative works through his ‘Women in Prague’ series.

Roloff’s artistic influences are not limited to a certain country or time period, but rather are drawn from a span of artists, styles, and movements, including Picasso, with his absolute devotion to his craft, Max Ernst’s surrealism, Hieronymus Bosch’s hypnotic detail, and Andy Warhol’s portraits, color, and cultural influence.

Now happily settled in the Portland area, Sam continues to push into new territory with paintings that blend abstract expressionism within the landscape, and with surrealist figurative works that seem to breathe and interact with the viewer through an unsettling and whimsical presence.

The quality of his rendering is delicate and forthright at the same time, and is supported by a surface that speaks volumes about what lies beneath.

With numerous exhibits to his credit from 1991 to the present, Sam is highly engaged with his community and has several shows and events scheduled throughout the coming year.

Sam also regularly donates work to causes and organizations that benefit the community.