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One aspect of being an artist that I enjoy is engaging with a client to create a commissioned work.

 The process is fairly straight-forward. A series of photos of the subject are provided by the client and the size of the finished work is selected.

I review the images and select those that most inspire me and then begin work on the canvas.

A big part of the pleasure of commissions is the relationship that develops with my clients and subjects. I communicate regularly with the client throughout the process and will send photo updates on the work’s progress. I also encourage clients to make studio visits and to remain involved in the process.

My clients report that they love the energy of my work and the unique interpretation of the character of the subject that the painting conveys.

Prices start at $500 and are dependent upon the size of the finished work, with a 50% deposit to begin.

The process:

  1. Decide on the size of the canvas
  2. Start process with half the amount as a deposit
  3. Work on theme or subject of the painting
  4. Use photos and/or notes
  5. Start work on canvas giving updates to you ether via email or Facebook
  6. regular updates to show progress to you
  7. Meeting in person for any last changes
  8. Final delivery to you and receive final payment.
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