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140 Days aka North Korea 3006 Oil on Canvas Sam Roloff 2010
140 Days aka North Korea | Oil on Canvas | Sam Roloff | 2010
Title:  140 Days in North Korea
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID Number: 3006
Year: 2009  painted in Portland Oregon – Flotoma Studios
Size: 72 x 48 inches
Price: Private collection of Scott McElroy, Portland Oregon
Description: The back-story was started the day Euna Lee and Laura Ling were captured by the North Koreans. The Korean words written are as follows;  To the left is the name “Euna Lee”, in the center is “Free Now!” and the right is “Laura Ling”. In the under painting there are portraits of both women as if taken from the banners that many South Koreans were holding while in protest of their capture. To see all the back-story Under Paintings make sure to login.