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Self Portrait of Artist  |  30 x 48 in  |  Oil on Canvas  | Sam Roloff  | 2012
Nude in the studio with crutches | 30 x 48 in | Oil on Canvas | Sam Roloff | 2012
Title: Nude in the studio with crutches
 Oil on Canvas
ID Number: 3188
Year: 2012  painted in Portland Oregon – Flotoma Studios
Size: 30 x 48 inches
Price: $1,500

Description: First shown in Froelick Gallery’s group show titles “Undressing Room” 2012 Portland, Oregon.

At first, I was planning on painting the classic female nude, but I then realized, it would be much more challenging to use my own, tortured body, as the subject. I am a 45 year old male, who was born with Diastrophic Dwarfism, with club feet and other issues, and have been in and out of hospitals my entire life starting as an infant.

I learned to paint and express my artistic side while living in the hospital. Painting is by far my largest outlet of personal expression. For me getting nude in public isn’t a sexual thing but rather awakens the times when I had to parade in front of the doctors and staff.

At only 4′ 9″ I still rise to the challenge to produce large paintings, often bigger than myself.