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Westside vs. Eastside Portland
Westside vs. Eastside Portland | Oil on Canvas | 48×30 inch | Sam Roloff
Title: Westside vs. Eastside Portland Ore.
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID Number: 3286
Year:  2014 – painted in Portland Oregon – Flotoma Studios
Photo Credit: PixelPoint Artistry
Size: 48 x 30 inches
Weight: 8.82 lbs

Price: $60 for fine art reproduction.
Original: $1,900
This painting addresses the struggle of “quitting your day job” to pursue your passions. I can be seen here on the left with top hat and crutches straddling the river that divides Portland’s Eastside and Westside. The Westside symbolizes stability while the east is seen as your passions.