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Dreaming of Portland's Eastside Sam Roloff oil painting
Dreaming of Portland’s East side | 48 x 30 in | Sam Roloff | 2014
Title: Dreaming of Portland’s East side
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID Number: 3312
Year:  2014 – painted in Portland Oregon – Flotoma Studios
Size: 48 x 30 inches
Weight: 6.32 lbs
Photo Credit: PixelPoint Artistry
Size: $60 for fine art reproduction.
Original: $1,900
Description: The left side of the painting represents the west side of Portland where the more conservative people live, while the right side shows the wild exploits of the folks living in the east side. The painting was started off by a model who fell into the painting while it was still wet. Her hand and finger prints marked up the canvas, instead of trying to clean it off, the marks were left on the canvas to shows its true history.