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Sam Roloff, another California artist, is an eclectic painter who refuses to limit his style to one specific genre. With a background in printmaking, for about the last two decades he’s worked mostly in oil painting, creating anything from portraits to landscapes to collages. In discussing his most recent series of work, “Backstory Underpainting,” Sam said:

“When collectors purchase one of my paintings, they are actually purchasing a multilayered collection of all the paintings and scenes within their many layers of imagery, symbolism, ideas, and emotion. The crux of this approach harkens to the tradition of what the Italians call pentimenti: the ghosts of images hidden beneath a painting’s surface. Today, with the aid of radiographic imaging, we can peer through the histories of masterpieces by Renaissance masters such as Leonardo and Michelangelo and see the “rough drafts” that went into the making of the final images. I believe it is important for viewers and collectors of my paintings to possess evidence of the stages or scenes the paintings passed through on their journeys into their present forms. Using high-resolution images and video editing programs, I document the geological/archaeological strata that build up as the pieces evolve in my studio.”