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Love of Portland Artist Sam Roloff.

Love of Portland Artist Sam Roloff. 2nd annual 300 + artist group art show celebrating LOVE and PORTLAND – Reception, Saturday Feb 16. 5-9pm – bikes, bridges, people, places, shapes/sizes and the wonderful Portland weirdness. Joint art show between Peoples Art and Mark Woolley Gallery – 3rd floor, Pioneer Mall. All ages. DJ Adam B Vitamin, LIVE music, beer by […]

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Sam Roloff Paints in Many Styles

KC Cowan | July 11, 2011 credit: KC Cowan / OPB Artist Sam Roloff It’s quite possible that Sam Roloff, in part, owes his artistic side to his being born with Diastrophic Dwarfism. The connection comes from having spent so much time in Shriner’s Hospital as a child following surgeries to deal with his condition. There […]

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self portrait – update

Started work late last night on a new self portrait. More to come. Title: Self Portrait of Sam Roloff Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 18 x 24 inch Series: Portraits ID#: SGR3054 Year: 2010 Price: $800

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