Experiment with local pigment Jory Soil

In August 2010 I went to a winery in the Dundee Hill, Archery Summit, to gather soil samples so that I could create a new pigment. The soil in this region is highly praised in the making of a pinot noir.

The soil type in the Dundee Hills AVA is Jory. Named after the Jory family that settled in the area back in 1852. Once the raw soil was collected I then crushed and filtered the soil through cheesecloth.

Now the soil is a  fine power and ready ready to be mixed with Linseed oil. At this point the color changes dramatically, going from this reddish to dark brown color. The end color swatch resembles Gamblin Burnt Umber but to date I can’t find a perfect match.

Jory soil seems to have it’s own unique hue.